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Educational Expedition "PUSHKIN's PETERSBURG" within the framework of the project “From rejection of “aliens” to cooperation with “others”

(In 2018, the Project became a winner of the First Competition initiated by the Foundation for Presidential Grants in Russia and was tested in the schools of Caucasia, Saratov Region and St. Petersburg)

Brief description of the project

The core of the project is organization of learners' historical-and-cultural expeditions to England and to St. Petersburg. The educational value of the project lies in its versatility. One needs social experience to achieve successful personal life and productive work in the selected profession.

The following should be developed in children:

  • ability to analyze the world as a system;
  • ability to see problems and develop problematic areas;
  • ability to synthesize discrete problem-solving schemes into coherent concepts;
  • ability to make a choice and take optimal decisions with regard for the current context;
  • ability to build a team and work in it;
  • ability to meet assigned objectives and to assess one's working efficiency.

The exploration trip is the best way to comprehend and to live through the experience of interaction with various ethnocultural traditions of the Russian, English and the national identity. The learners will compare the history, everyday life culture, folk customs and traditions, art heritage, music endeavour, spiritual and moral values, religion of the nations living in England and Russia, specifically in St. Petersburg.

The purpose of such exploration is to show the members of the expedition their Homeland as a harmonious multinational ecosystem.

In order to achieve peace and harmony in the multinational society, it is necessary to form an experience of joint activities in the learners having a place of study in different regions. At the initial stage, the project supposes organization of close cooperation based on specially organized networking of the above-mentioned educational organizations in Russia and England; organization of regular webinars, establishment of direct professional contacts between interested pedagogues.

The presented project is aimed at transformation of the school into an intercultural dialogue space. The use of modern forms of communication and comprehensive interaction methods, the institution of multicultural centres will make it possible to involve a broad range of those concerned in the analysis of the processes taking place in the society; to discuss the nature and causes of mutual misunderstanding, to behold the unifying forces and development resources, to develop a networking mechanism for the schools functioning in complex ethnocultural environment - as a means of young Russian citizens' socialization.

Project geography

Schools of the cities of England and St. Petersburg school “Unison”

Project start date: as agreed by the parties

Project completion date: as agreed by the parties

Social significance of the project

After the expedition, all its participants shall return to their home cities as friendly and cohesive teams, with a tangible experience of development and realization of the educational project, motivated to manage their own social projects under the team model offered to them during the expedition.

In these conditions, the educational system plays a significant role both as a stabilizing factor and an agent compensating for negative phenomena and processes taking place in the multicultural environment. Thus, the problem of forming tolerant mentality proves to be more than urgent, and its solution, in our opinion, requires a complex approach, organization of a special system of targeted actions at the level of a particular educational institution. Moreover, this process should be multidirectional, multistaged. Possible, the Project will continue its development on the basis of instituted multicultural resource centres.

Project target groups

Pupils, head managers and pedagogues of educational organizations, parents.

Project goals

The main goal is to develop the experience of cooperation in the child-adult community, as concerns the study of common features and peculiarities of the young people's lifestyle in different areas of the world, through the organization of historical-and-cultural expeditions to England and St. Petersburg (in this case).

Project objectives

The main goal is developing the experience of cooperation in the child-adult community, as concerns the study of the common features and peculiarities of the young people's lifestyle in different regions, through the organization of historical-and-cultural expeditions.